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Rooted in Christ, Clothed in Strength, Abounding in Love

Free Book Offer

Each month a new book is offered free and postage paid to our membership.

Online Fellowship Groups

The Christian Military Wives Fellowship group is available through the Christian Military Fellowship website.


Remote mentoring is available for those that do not have local face-to-face opportunities.

Christian Resources

We offer a variety of time-honored Christian books and Bible studies that are available free and postage paid to our membership. Bible studies include: Discovery Bible Study, Basic Bible Study, Quick Step Bible Study, and Discipleship Training Objectives (DTOs). DTOs leads you through all the major doctrines of the Bible while simultaneously teaching the inductive Bible study method.

Digital Discipleship

Christian Military Wives Fellowship offers our "Remote Access Discipleship Program" to you through our parent organization, Christian Military Fellowship. It is hosted at the our training website utilizing the Faithlife Equip Platform that includes access to: Logos Bible Study Software, study groups, Bible study courses and videos, seminary level courses, Faithlife TV and much more.

About Us

Christian Military Wives is a ministry of Christian Military Fellowship that unites wives of US uniformed service men to equip and inspire one another to live as ambassadors to our families and communities in service that builds the Body of Christ as we seek to live in maturing love and growing knowledge of the Son of God.


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    Veradale, WA 99037-0449
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    (303) 761-1959
  • Office@CMWives.ORG

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